Country Music Songwriters Deliver Lyrics Most People Relate To

Country Music Artists Tell A Story

Country music songwriters are usually storytellers who write about falling in and out of love, life, home, family, and often their way of life. While other music styles and genres are often about the beat of the music, and the throbbing of the bass line, country music is all about the lyrics. The main aspect you need in a country song is passion, emotion and of course, a good story. If you feel strongly about what you are writing, it will come through in your lyrics.

Many country artists and writers have the privilege of writing songs that affect people and touch their hearts and soul. Whether it is a tribute to a soldier, a rollicking, sarcastic song about getting even for a wrong, a love song to win a lover’s heart or a sad song to heal a hurt, you cannot fake emotion, and you cannot fake a country song.

Country Western Instruments Play a Part

Focusing on instruments like steel guitars, banjos, fiddles as well as the more well-known guitars, both electric and acoustic, most music in the country genre has remarkably little drum sounds and tends to focus on the softer, sweeter sounding instruments that allow the story to come through without competing for attention with the music.

The best thing about writing a country song is that everyone has experienced family life, whether positive or lousy, everyone has had love in their life, whether that is the love for a friend, a significant other, sweetheart, or family, and every life experience you have can be turned into a country music song. All you have to do is put your heart on paper and feel the words you are writing.

Write Your Ideas Down The Minute You Think of Them

If you find that you have an excellent idea and just can’t get the words to fit together in a way that conveys the message you have in mind, there are professional writers who are willing to collaborate and turn your idea into the story you are trying to tell. Many songwriters will tell you it all started with one phrase written on a napkin or scrap of paper.

Original Music Demand Keeps Country Songwriters Busy

With the ever-increasing popularity of country music and the need for original material, country music writing is a genre that is growing by leaps and bounds! While many country music artists are also song writers, the pace of the business is such that many have realized in order to keep fresh, current and relevant songs in their repertoire they need assistance from other writers.

There is a wholesome and comfortable feeling about country music because most people can relate to the words and feel a connection between their lives to the songs being performed. Just like the artists who ultimately bring the story to the audience, country music songwriters tend to be straightforward, bringing the listener into their world, giving them something to think about, and most importantly, making the audience feel as if the song being performed is written specifically about them.

Collaborate with Other Country Artists

If you have an idea for a country music song, write it out. If, after working on it, you realize that you cannot quite make it convey what you’re feeling, contact another artist or a ghostwriter to help you perfect your story. Whatever you do, don’t give up, keep writing, and rewriting until you are happy with the results. Who knows, your idea may be the next Number 1 song to hit the CountryCharts.

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Free Country Music Downloads

Country music was popular amongst the people in rural areas of the west and south. This music evolved from ballads and folk tunes. Country music is commonly referred to as Hillbilly music, country, western music or country and western. It comprises of a wide variety of music. Whether people listen to classic or contemporary country music, the Internet is an excellent source of free country music downloads.

With the development of Internet technology, the music industry has benefited from online music sources. Free Internet resources offer vast collections of country music that can be downloaded by following very simple procedures. The best method to find these searches is to ask around for authentic sites or collect information regarding them from reviews and magazines. Free country music downloads are a popular selection. The time taken to download a song varies and depends on the size of the file and speed of the Internet connection. The downloading procedure is effortless and automated.

Search engines offer a huge list of free country music downloads. Most music collectors prefer to download their music in MP3 format. Free downloads allow people to build their own unique music collections and may even offer classic numbers that are difficult to find elsewhere. Free country music downloads allow choose the songs or albums they want easily, rather than seeking things out that stores may not even have.

When involved in free country music downloads, it is important to keep in mind the legal repercussions of violating copyrights by downloading from a peer-to-peer network. It is advisable to assess authentic websites only as music piracy is a punishable offence.

The Top Country Music Artists

Determining who the top country music artists are isn’t easy because there are so many of them. One of the ways to do so is to look at how their albums sell and how popular they are with country music fans around the world.

Top Country Artists of All Time

When it comes to the all-time lists, you usually find the same three or four names near the top. This list won’t change too often because of how influential these artists were, but there’s always a chance that people will disagree with the artists that popular opinion determines to be the best.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is considered by many to be the best country music artist ever because he has multiple classic songs and a very unique sound that just about everyone still loves. Whether he was singing alone or doing a duet, you always knew when you were listening to Johnny. It’s no surprise that many of Cash’s songs are covered by artists in just about every genre these days because his lyrics and overall sound just don’t sound like anything else that’s ever been made.

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline is on just about everyone’s list because she had an amazing voice and put out number one hits left and right. Just about everyone knows “Walkin’ After Midnight,” but true Patsy Cline fans know that she had dozens of other great tunes. It’s unfortunate that Cline died at such a young age because chances are she would have come out with many more hits and could have easily been considered the top country western music artist ever.

Hank Williams

No best country artist list can be without Hank Williams. Not only is Williams considered to be one of the best writers and singers ever in the genre, he also influenced many of the others that are considered some of the best ever, including Johnny Cash. You will be hard-pressed to find an upcoming country western music fan, young or old, who doesn’t know the lyrics to “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

Top Country Artist Right Now

Unlike the list above, the current best artist will often change from year to year. Sometimes new artists can often take over the top spot because they have a new sound that people like, while other times a highly anticipated album from a well-known artist takes over the charts.

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood

It’s not easy to come up with one artist who can be considered the top country music artist right now, but if we’re going by sales and overall popularity, it would have to be Taylor Swift. It doesn’t hurt that she appeals to fans of different genres, but the country music world absolutely loves Swift. Her album, Red, topped the charts in 2012, and endorsement deals galore meant that her popularity spread way past just country music.

Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood have to be considered close to the top of the country western music list right now, but they’re not quite where Swift is in terms of sales and popularity. It would be no surprise at all if someone else becomes the new queen or king of the country music scene, but for the time being Swift seems to have a good grip on the title.

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